I am looking for a post-doc to work on statistical modeling related to understanding epidemic outbreaks and the human response to them. For details, see here.

Learning Group

I lead a discussion group of graduate students interested in statistical perspectives on relational phenomena. This includes networks and network modeling but the interests of the members encompass statistical perspectives on questions in the social sciences, social epidemiology and environmetrics.

Recent topics include statistical models for social networks, network inference, the development of statistical methodology for the collection and analysis of social network data, surveying of hard-to-reach populations, spatial processes and demography.

The reading/learning group typically meets weekly or bi-weekly

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact me.

Doctoral Students (chair)

Post-Doctoral Scholars Advised

Masters Students

At UCLA, I have also served as the chair of the Master of Science (M.S.) in Statistics dissertation committees of Ho-Shun Yang, Aparupa Das Gupta, Anthony Howell, Khatereh Khodavirdi, Bon Sang Koo, Margaret Lang, Daniel Lim, Jia Lin Liu, Xian Liu, Patrick Joseph McCarthy, Antonio Ramos, Felipe Nunes, Michael Tzen, Xi Song, Ho-Shun Yang, Victor Ying, Paashi Mahdavi, Alex Whitworth, Lauren Peritz, Weikang Fan, Bronwyn Friscia, Melissa Haller, Ji Yeon Hong, Elliot Kang, Laura Kim, Zsuzsanna Magyar, Adam Scherling, Kanghong Shao, Yifan Sun, Ayobami Laniyonu, Fiona Yeung, Biancheng Wang, Nan Ji, Ziyi Jiang, Natalia Lamberova, Candace McKeag, Kaixin Wang, Suoyi Yang, Diana Zhang, Xinyuan Zhang, Muhtasham Billah, Hector Escandon Vanegas, Andrea Wang, Hector Escandon Vanegas, John Duchateau Baierl, Haibo Fan, Pedro Eduardo De La Cueva.

In addition I have served on about twice this number of thesis and dissertation committees as a member.